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Colorado Mushroom Company Tinctures Lions Mane Cordyceps Reishi Turkey Tail Mesima

Double-Extracted Tinctures

Concentrated deliciousness, with benefits backed by science. Carefully extracted to ensure you get as much goodness as possible.

Mushroom Coffee Tribe Coffee Mushroom Chai Stimulii Teas Colorado Mushroom Company

Coffee/Coffee Alternatives

A gentler way to start your day. Delicious pick-me-ups enhanced with fungi. Enjoy a healthier, body-friendly jump-start without the jitters

mushroom salts mushrooms spices umami Colorado Mushroom Company Colorado mushrooms

Umami Seasonings & Salts

Spice it up! Explore your culinary favorites from around the world, with the added flavor and health benefits of mushrooms.

Men's Health, Mushrooms for Men, Colorado Mushroom Company

Men’s Wellness

Introducing products crafted exclusively for men’s wellness needs. Whether you’re in search of prostate support, fertility enhancement, stamina boost, or relief from symptoms of erectile dysfunction, our specially formulated products are tailored to fulfill your requirements.

Women's Health, Mushrooms for Women, Colorado Mushroom Company

Women’s Wellness

Introducing products tailored exclusively for women’s wellness needs. Whether you’re seeking hormone balance, fertility support, menstrual cycle regulation, or relief from menopausal symptoms, our specially formulated products are designed to meet your requirements.

Colorado Mushroom Company Special Events Blends, Dirtwire, R-Future, Permaculture Student, Matt Powers, Unision Festival

Special Events

Every event we sponsor is accompanied by a one-of-a-kind formula blend crafted exclusively for the occasion. Experience our passion firsthand!

No Caffeine? Try our Mushroom Stimulii & Teas

Caffeine Free Mushroom beverage
Mushroom Stimulii Coffee Alternative Mud water Mud Wtr
Mud Water Mud Wtr Stimulii Mushroom Coffee Caffeine Free Colorado Mushroom Company
Stimulii Mud Water Mud Wtr Mushroom Coffee Alternative Caffeine Free Colorado Mushroom Company
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