Our Story

Colorado Mushroom Company was established in Southwestern Colorado in 2016 and has been serving the local community through activism, support for local initiatives, and lending time, energy, and financial support to the causes and concerns of the entire region of the Western Slope of Colorado. Colorado Mushroom Company was an answer to the many requests of multiple communities for the owner to provide the medicines she created for family and friends to the world at large. Colorado Mushroom Company is family founded, run, and operated in the beautiful state of Colorado.

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. Wildness is the preservation of the World.”

Our Story

Rev Rayne Grant, Msc.D

The vision of lifting the health and well-being of every person, in every environment, across our planet, has been a passion of two sisters who have invested nearly 15 years in the research, study, development, and perfection of the recipes used in all of the products available. While the use of medicinal mushrooms to supplement deficiencies in our body's needs has been becoming more mainstream, Colorado Mushroom Company has been working to educate people to these benefits for over ten years - a passion that touches each and every conversation held.

A way of life…

​Rayne Grant, in 2016, took her years long commitment to serving others and the skills and expertise
gained as a forager, mycologist, herbalist, and entrepreneur to bring the mushrooms to the people. She
has been studying all things fungi for nearly 13 years, dedicating her life the the message of the mycelium.

Rayne is the owner of the Colorado Mushroom Company & dedicated to connecting people with the incredible world of fungi. She is producing the documentary, “Can Mushrooms Save the Planet?” which explores the influence of mushrooms on our global ecosystem.

Rayne is an experienced mycologist, a mother, singer/songwriter, reverend, citizen in science, music producer, DJ, film producer, as well as a festival & event planner. Community is how to make positive change, and fungi play an important role.

She is the President of the Psychedelic Club of Durango, a registered 501c(3) non-profit, as well as the founder of the educational group, The Four Corners Mycological Society.

“It’s the beauty within us that makes it possible for us to recognize the beauty around us. The question is not what you
look at but what you see.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

My Passion

Rev Rayne Grant, Msc.D is a woman of many talents: mother, mycologist, film maker, music producer, DJ, educator, psychedelic therapy researcher, medical intuitive, and an intimacy coach in training.

Rayne has been studying all things fungi since 2012 and has a love of the health and well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. She has been studying roles that fungi play in all of this.

Rayne is an independent documentary film maker and has been producing the film, “Can Mushrooms Save the Planet?” which is getting close to completion.

She is the founder of the Four Corners Mycological Society as well as the President of the Non-Profit Organization:  The Psychedelic Club of Durango – Entheogenic Leading Edge.  She organizes meetings and podcasts surrounding these topics.

Having a strong love of Mycology, she started the Colorado Mushroom Company, LLC in 2018, and has been making mushroom medicinals for the public

Rayne Grant is a woman to be reckoned with. In her roles as mother and mycologist, film maker and music producer, as educator and as a psychedelic therapy researcher, an intuitive and intimacy coach in training, she has touched the lives of thousands of people whose lives she has brightened by her intent attention and want to aid those who come to ask. Rayne takes each encounter as not only an opportunity, but a chance to connect and make the lives of those who meet her made better by her presence.

Having committed herself to the study of mycology for nearly ten years, Rayne is in a unique position to teach the world at large about the world-changing opportunities and effects that the kingdom fungi have to offer significant sections of our planet, its people, and their day to day lives. From de-desertification to psychological well-being, she has an intuitive sense of the impact that our attention to the fruiting bodies of underground networks have to offer the human race and its ability to change the planet around the peoples of the world. All human activity can be likened to the organic model, and none so efficient as the single-celled walls of mycelial structures.

As an independent documentary filmmaker, Rayne has been gathering, editing, recording, and producing a decade-long project to introduce to the world. This labor of love, passion, and want for a better world is soon to present itself as a perspective shifting film called, “Can Mushrooms Save the Planet”. Compiling interviews from artists and researchers, scientists and philosophers – Rayne has been received by many, many, individuals and groups looking not only to change the way we think about our planet, but to implement substantial change world-wide. Rayne is a captivating speaker and interviewer and is well-received by her peers – leaders in the arenas they participate.

Founding the Four Corners’ Mycological Society and implementing the Psychedelic Club of Durango as a chapter of the national movement for the education, lobby for the decriminalization, use in physical and mental health treatments, and better understanding of the natural and synthetic benefits of these oft overlooked substances shows her overall commitment to not only movement itself, but the people who would and will most benefit from these under-researched tools that have already proven to disrupt the entire pharmacological industry. The research done by Rayne and at her direction have already shown to be in lock-step with the newly born industry’s findings in the last few years.

CEO and founder of the Colorado Mushroom Company, Rayne is building a port to which seekers of self and understanding of this world may find better ways to integrate the gifts of nature into the everyday lives of people. Her products have been used to benefit people suffering from myriad ailments, all who are relieved in no small part by her implementing products based on her research and understanding of the overall benefit that the kingdom fungi has to offer mankind. Those that have tasted her tinctures, applied her salves, and indulged in her delicacies; they know that the benefit is not only for those things they seek relief from, but an inspiration to know there is more than one path to health, hearth, and happiness.

Intimacy and the understanding of human relationships is of great interest to Rayne. Seeing the unity of the planet’s systems have helped her to understand and study the relationships between people – romantically involved or not – the symmetry of organic models and a strong grasp of the human mind and the psychology that traps each and every one of us to some degree; this is of great interest to her as well. We as intellectual beings may think above and beyond the nature around us – Rayne sees us as emulating a part of it. The study of human interactions, with a strong focus on the intimacy and sexual strengthening of the spirit is inherent in all that she does.

All of the above aside, Rayne is intuitive and understanding. She has the ability to engage individuals one on one and invigorate them with new insight and a sense of passion as they move forward in their lives. Rayne is able to gather groups around her, captivating her audience to not only engage and ask poignant questions, but to seek out the information she gives with a renewed passion for their initial interest. Rayne Grant is lovely. She is admirable. She holds in her the things that we all wish to seek in others:

A passion that wakes us, a spirit that moves us, and a sense of the world thrust upon us that we cannot unsee.

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